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Ba History Of Art Dissertation Titles In Education

Department of History of Art PhD Dissertations

  • 2017 Alice Sullivan: "The Painted Fortified Monastic Churches of Moldavia: Bastions of Orthodoxy in a Post-Byzantine World" (Directed by Achim Timmermann)
  • 2017 Ashley Miller: “Locating ‘Heritage’ in Morocco: Colonial Notions of Cultural Heritage and the Promotion of Morocco’s Decorative Arts under the French Protectorate (1912-1931)” (Directed by Raymond A. Silverman)
  • 2017 Kristin Schroeder: “How to Look Sachlich: Fashion and Objectivity in Weimar Germany” (Directed by Matthew Biro)
  • 2016 Nicholas Hartigan: "The Purpose of Public Sculpture: Artistic, Institutional, and Cultural Motivations since 1965" (Directed by Alex D. Potts)
  • 2016 Lehti Keelmann: "Bachelors Bridging the Baltic: The Artistic Ambitions of the Tallinn Brotherhood of the Black Heads, c. 1400-1524" (Directed by Achim Timmermann)
  • 2016 Kristine Ronan: Buffalo Dancer: The Biography of an Image. (Directed by David Doris)
  • 2016 Anna Wieck: Painting, Popular Culture, Putrefaction: Depicting Tradition on the Eve of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) (Directed by Alex Potts)
  • 2015 Vivian Li:  Art's Public Lives: Sculpture in China after 1949. (Directed by Joan Kee)
  • 2015 Antje K Gamble: National and International Modernism in Italian Sculpture from 1935-1959. (Directed by Alex Potts)
  • 2015 Pamela AV Stewart: Devotion to the Passion in Milanese Confraternities, 1500-1630: Image, Ritual, Performance. (Directed by Megan Holmes)
  • 2014 Katherine Brion: Decorative Painting and Politics in France, 1890-1914. (Directed by Howard Lay)
  • 2014 Monique Johnson: An Insistent Subject: The Countess de Castiglione Facing the Lens.(Directed by Susan Seigfried)
  • 2014 Melanie Sympson: Experiment and Visual Transformation in Illuminated Manuscripts of the Roman de la rose, c. 1338 - c. 1405. (Directed by Elizabeth Sears)
  • 2014 Kathy Yusuf Zarur: Self-Portraiture and the Rise of "Arab" Art: Tarek Al-Ghoussein, Hassan Musa and Walid Raad. (Directed by Matthew Biro and Nadine Naber)
  • 2013 Rebecca Bieberly: "Seeing" the "Ordinary" at Lingyan Temple in Eleventh-Century China.(Directed by Kevin Carr and Martin Powers)
  • 2013 Bridget Gilman: Re-envisioning Everyday Spaces:  Photorealism in the San Francisco Bay Area. (Directed by Matthew Biro)
  • 2013 Elissa Park: Negotiating the Discourse of the Modern in Art: Pan Yuliang (1895-1977) and the Transnational Modern. (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 2013 Silvia Tita: Political Art of the Papacy: Visual Representations of the Donation of Constantine in the Early Modern Period. (Directed by Megan Holmes and Thomas Willette)
  • 2013 Heather Vinson: Repetitions: Memory and Making Degas's Ballet Classroom Series.(Directed by Howard Lay)
  • 2012 Nadia Baadj:  "Monstrous creatures and diverse strange things": The Curious Art of Jan van Kessel I, 1626-1679. (Directed by Celeste Brusati)
  • 2012 Jessica Fripp: Portraits of Artists and the Social Commerce of Friendship in Eighteenth- Century France. (Directed by Susan Siegfried)
  • 2012 Lauren Graber: Gruppe SPUR and Gruppe GEFLECHT: Art and Dissent in West Germany, 1957-1968. (Directed by Matthew Biro)
  • 2012 Philip Guilbeau: El Paular: Anatomy of a Charterhouse. (Directed by Elizabeth Sears and Achim Timmermann)
  • 2012 Marin Sullivan: Material Dispersions: Sculpture, Photography, and International Interventions in Italy, 1962-72. (Directed by Alex Potts)
  • 2011 Heather Badamo: Image and Community: Representations of Military Saints in the Medieval Eastern Mediterranean. (Directed by Elizabeth Sears and Thelma Thomas)
  • 2011 Christopher Coltrin: Apocalyptic Progress: The Politics of Catastrophe in the Art of John Martin, Francis Danby, and David Roberts. (Directed by Susan Siegfried)
  • 2011 Ksenya A Gurshtein:  TransStates:  Conceptual Art in Eastern Europe and the Limits of Utopia. (Directed by Alex Potts)
  • 2011 Katharine Raff: Painted Decoration in the Apartments of Roman Ostia: Standardization, Social Status, and Visual Experience. (Directed by Elaine Gazda)
  • 2010 Monica Huerta: Encountering Mimetic Realism: Sculptures by Duane Hanson Robert Gober  and Ron Mueck. (Directed by Pat Simons and Rebecca Zurier)
  • 2010 Christina Chang:  The End of Painting.  (Directed by Alex Potts)
  • 2010 Kathie Hornstein:  Episodes in Political Illusion: The Proliferation of War Imagery in France (1804-1856).  (Directed by Susan Siegfried)
  • 2010 Heidi Gearhart:  Theophilus' On Diverse Arts: the persona of the artist and the production of art in the twelfth century.  (Directed by Elizabeth Sears)
  • 2009 Kirsten Olds:  Networked Collectivities:  North American Artists' Groups, 1968-1978.(Directed by Alexander Potts)
  • 2009 Bo Liu:  Political Expression in Song Dynasty Fan Painting. (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 2008 Christopher Bennett:  Boetti and Pascali, Two Case Studies (1965-70): Revisiting Arte Povera after the fall of the Berlin Wall. (Directed by Alexander Potts)
  • 2008 Jen Yi Lai:  Cultural Identity and the Making of Modern TaiwanesePainting During the Japanese Colonial Period (1895-1945). (Directed by Celeste Brusati and Joel Isaacson)
  • 2008 Min Yong Cho:  How Land Came into the Picture: Rendering History in Fourteenth-Century Iran. (Directed by Martin Powers and Sussan Babaie)
  • 2008 Diana Bullen-Prescuitti: The Visual Culture of the Central Italian Foundling Hospital, 1400-1600.  (Directed by Megan Holmes)
  • 2007 Jong Phil Park:  Ensnaring the Public Eye: Painting Manuals of Late Ming China (1550-1644) and the Negotiation of Taste.  (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 2007 Angela Ho:  Rethinking Repetition: Constructing Value in Dutch Genre Painting, 1650s to 1670s. (Directed by Celeste Brusati)
  • 2007 Joan Downs:  The Topography and Iconography of Death in Christian North Africa. (Directed by Thelma Thomas)
  • 2007 Jeffrey Lieber:  Pervasive Beauty: Modern Architecture and Mass Democracy at Mid-Century.  (Directed by Alexander Potts)
  • 2006 Heather Flaherty: The Place of the Speculum Humanae Salvationis in the Rise of Affective Piety in the Later Middle Ages. (Directed by Elizabeth Sears)
  • 2006 Sean Roberts:  Cartography Between Cultures: Francesco Berlinghieri’s ‘Geographica’ of 1482. (Directed by Patricia Simons)
  • 2006 Timothy McCall:  Networks of Power: The Art of Patronage of Pier Maria Rossi of Parma.(Directed by Patricia Simons)
  • 2005 Leela Wood:  The Buddha and the Shape of Belief: Indic Visual Jatakamalas.  (Directed by Luis Gomez and Martin Powers)
  • 2005 Tatiana Senkevitch:  Printmaking's Perspectives Abraham Bosse and the Pedagogic Debates at the French Academy 1648 - 1661.  (Directed by Celeste Brusati)
  • 2005 Sandra Seekins:  Stelarc: Peformance Art, Technology & Gender. (Directed by Patricia Simons)
  • 2005 Natsu Oyobe:  Materials that scream: Yoshihara Jiro and the Early Years of the Guai Art: Assoc. (1954-1970).  (Directed by Martin Powers and Kevin Carr)
  • 2005 Carmenita Higgenbotham:  Saturday Night at the Savoy: Blacknes and Urban Spectacle in the Art of Reginald Marsh.  (Directed by Rebecca Zurier)
  • 2005 Chris Defay: Art, Enterprise, Collaboration: Richard Serra and the Art of Technology Program,   1966 – 1979.  (Directed by Alexander Potts)
  • 2004 Yao-Fen You:  Import / Export:  A Case Study of Brabantine Alterpieces in the Rhineland, 1500 – 1530.  (Directed by Celeste Brusati)
  • 2004 Alexandra Schwartz:  Designing Ed Ruscha: The Invention of the Los Angeles Artist, 1960 – 1980. (Directed by Alexander Potts and Maria Gough)
  • 2004 Julia Perlman:  Taking Aim at Amore: Michelangelo, Bronzino and the Lexico of Pictorial Ambiguity in Representations of Venus and Cupid.  (Directed by Patricia Simons)
  • 2004 Catherine McCurrach:  The Veneration of St. Benedict in Medieval Rome: Parish Architecture, Monumental Imagery, and Popular Devotion.  (Directed by Caroline Bruzelius and Elizabeth Sears)
  • 2004 Allison MacDuffee:  Camille Pissaro: Modernism, Anarchism, and the Representation of ‘The People’ 1888 – 1903. (Directed by Howard Lay)
  • 2004 Lisa Langlois:  Exhibiting Japan: Gender and National Identity at the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893.  (Directed by Jonathan Reynolds and Patricia Simons)
  • 2004 Douglas Hildebrecht:  Otto Marseus van Schrieck (1619 / 20 - 1678) and the Nature Piece: Art, Science, Religion, and the Seventeenth – Century Pursuit of Natural Knowledge. (Directed by Celeste Brusati)
  • 2004 Mariana D. Giovino:  Interpretations of the ‘Assyrian Sacred Tree,’ 1849-2004.  (Directed by Margaret Root)
  • 2004 Lisa Bessette:  Early Medieval Visualization of the Contents of the Psalms. (Directed by Elizabeth Sears)
  • 2003 Elizabeth Otto:  Figuring Gender: Photomontage and Cultural Critique in Germany’s Weimar Republic. (Directed by Matthew Biro)
  • 2003 Susan Jung Lee:  The Sooji Screens and Teinai Yurakuzu. (Directed by Martin Powers and Jonathan Reynolds)
  • 2003 Wen-Chien Chang:  Images of Happy Farmers in Song China (960-1279): Drunks, Politics and Social Identity. (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 2003 Laura Bassett:  The Paintings and Carreer of Cornelius De Man: Art and Mercantile Culture in Seventeenth-Century Delft.  (Directed by Celeste Brusati)
  • 2002 Mary Louise Totton:  Weaving Flesh and Blood into Sacred Architecture: Ornamental Stories of Candi Loro Jonggrang.  (Directed by Walter Spink)
  • 2002 George Kuwayama: Chinese Ceramics in colonial Latin America. (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 2002 Roslyn Lee Hammers: The Production of Good Government: Images of Agrarian Labor in Southern Song (1272 / 79 – 1368).  (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 2002 Jane H. Carpenter:  Conjure Woman:  Betye Saar and Rituals of Transformation, 1960-1990  (Directed by Jacqueline Francis and Richard Candida Smith)
  • 2002 Nancy Anderson: Observing Techniques: Images from Microscopial Life Sciences, 1850-1895. (Directed by Celeste Brusati and Martin Pernick)
  • 2001 Irene Leung:  The Frontier Imaginary in the Song Dynasty (960-1279):  Revisiting Cai Yan’s “Barbarian Captivity” and Return.  (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 2000 Christina Waugh:  Style-Consciousness in Fourteenth-Century Society and Visual Communication in the Moralized Bible of John the Good.  (Directed by Elizabeth Sears)
  • 2000 Maureen Shanahan:  Forging Men and Manufacturing Women:  Fernan Leger’s Mechanical Arts.
    (Directed by Matthew Biro)
  • 2000 Kathryn Selig-Brown:  Handprints and Footprints in Tibetan Painting.  (Directed by Walter Spink)
  • 2000 Jonathan Perkins:  Klee and Eros.  (Directed by Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 2000 Jonathan Binstock:  Sam Gilliam:  The Making of a Career, 1962-1973. (Directed by D. Kirkpatrick and S. Patton)
  • 1999 Melanie Holcomb:  The Function and Status of Carved Ivory in Carolingian Culture Metropolitan Museum. (Directed by Elizabeth Sears and Ilene Forsyth) 
  • 1999 Andrew Campbell:  Negotiating the Archive: Photography, Authority and Cultural Memory, 1861-1876.  (Directed by Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 1999 Kirsten Buick:  The Sentimental Education of Mary Edmonia Lewis:  Identity, Culture and Ideal Works.  (Directed by S. Patton and Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 1999 Tamara Bentley:  Authenticity in a New Key:  Chen Hongshou’s Figurative Oevre, “Authentic Emotion,” and the Late Ming Market.  (Directed by Martin Powers)
  • 1999 Jasmine Alinder:  Out of Site:  Photographic Representations of Japanese American Internment. (Directed by Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 1999 Kirk Ambrose:  Romanesque Vezeley:  The Art of Monastic Contemplation.  (Directed by Ilene Forsyth and Elizabeth Sears)
  • 1998 Jane Chung-Apley:  The Illustrated Vie et Miracles de Saint Louis of Guillame de Saint-Pathus (Paris, B.N., ms. fr. 5716).  (Directed by Elizabeth Sears)
  • 1997 Monika Schmitter:  The Display of Distinction:  Art Collecting and Social Status in Early Sixteen Century Venice.  (Directed by Patricia Simons)
  • 1997 Rebecca Price-Wilkin:  The Late Gothic Abbey Church of Saint-Riquier:  An Investigation of Historical Consciousness.  (Directed by Ilene Forsyth and Neagley)
  • 1997 Marcelle Hourt Pour:  Charles Blanc and the Gazette des Beaux-Arts: 1859-1870.
    (Directed by J. Isaacson and Celeste Brusati)
  • 1997 Leslie Cavall:  Social and Symbolic Functions of the Romanesque Façade: The Example of
    Maeacon’s Last Judgement Gailee. 
     (Directed by Ilene Forsythe)
  • 1996 Lisa J. De Boer:  Martial Arts:  Military Themes and Images in Dutch Art of the Golden Age.(Directed by Celeste Brusati)
  • 1996 Mayra V. Rodriguez:  Austere Late Gothic:  The Architecture of the Collegiate Church
    of the Notre-Dame at Clery-Saint-Andre.
     (Directed by Ward Bissell and Linda E. Neagley)
  • 1996 Molly M. M. Lindner:  The Vestal Virgins and Their Imperial Patrons:  Sculptures and
    Inscriptions from the Atrium Vestae in the Roman Forum.
     (Directed by Elaine Gazda)
  • 1996 Rita S. Goodman:  Theodore Gericault's Portraits of the Insane:  Art, Psychiatry and the
    Politics of Philanthropy. 
    (Directed by Thomas Crow and Joel  Isaacson)
  • 1995 Katharine Persis Burnett:  The Landscapes of Wu Bin (C. 1543-C. 1626) and a
    Seventeenth-Century Discourse of Originality.
      (Directed by Richard Edwards & Martin Powers)
  • 1995 Charlene Marianna Villasenor Black:  Saints and Social Welfare in Golden Age Spain:
    The Imagery of the Cult of Saint Joseph 
     (Directed by R. Ward Bissell)
  • 1995 Carmen Belen Lord:  Point and Counterpoint:  Ramon Casas in Paris and Barcelona, 1866-1908 (Directed by Joel Isaacson)
  • 1995 S. Richard Rand:  Representing the Picturesque Garden:  The Landscapes of Fragonard(Directed Hood Museum of Art by T. Crow and J. Isaacson)
  • 1995 David J. O'Brien:  The Art of War:  Antoine-Jean Gros and French Military Painting, 1795-1804 (Directed by J. Isaacson and T. Crow)
  • 1995 John Andrew Listopad:  The Art and Architecture of the Reign of Somdet Phra Narai(Directed by Walter Spink)
  • 1995 Natalija Natasha Kuzmanovic:  John Paul Cooper (1869-1933), Designer and Craftsman(Directed by William Hennessey and Marvin Eisenberg)
  • 1994 Derrick Randall Cartwright:  Reading Rooms:  Interpreting the American Public Library
     (Directed by J. Isaacson)
  • 1994 Todd Philip Olson:  Nicolas Poussin, His French Clientele and the Social Construction of  Style (Directed by T. Crow and P. Simons)
  • 1994 Masuyo Tokita Darling :  The Romanesque Architecture and Sculpture of Perrecy-Les-Forges (Directed by Ilene H. Forsyth)
  • 1994 Elizabeth Horton Sharf:  Abaku Zen Portrait Painting:  A Revisionist Analysis
    (Directed by Karen L. Brock and Walter Spink)
  • 1994 John Tadao Teramoto:  The Yamai No Soshi:  A Critical Reevaluation of Its Importance to Japanese Secular Painting of the Twelfth Century (Directed by Paul Berry and Jonathan Reynolds)
  • 1994 Masumi Iriye:  Le Vau's Menagerie and the Rise of the Animalier: Enclosing, Dissecting, and Representing Animal in Early ModernFrance (Directed by Nathan T. Whitman and Graham Smith)
  • 1994 John Siewert: Whisler's Nocturnes and the Aesthetic Subject (Directed by J. Isaacson)
  • 1994 David Acton:  Hendrik Goltzius and Rudolfine Mannerism in the Graphic Arts
    (Directed by Graham Smith)
  • 1993 Timothy A. Motz:  The Roman Freestanding Portrait Bust:  Origins, Context, and
    Early History 
    (Directed by E. Gazda)
  • 1993 Giovanna D Costantini: Maesta: Humanism and the Art of Francisco Zuniga
    (Directed by D. Kirkpatrick)
  • 1993 Bille Wickre:  Collaboration in the Work of Margaret Macdonald, Frances Macdonald, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and J. Herbert MacNair (Directed by J. Isaacson and D. Kirkpatrick)
  • 1993 Nathan P. Griffith:  Richard Serra and Robert Irwin:  Phenomenology in the Age of Art and Objecthood (Directed by D. Kirkpatrick)
  • 1993 Barbara Lee Tannenbaum:  The Paintings of Seymour Rosofsky (Directed by D.Kirkpatrick)
  • 1993 Robert E. Haywood:  Revolution of the Ordinary:  Allan Kaprow Invention of Happenings(Directed by Joel Isaacson and Thomas Crow)
  • 1992 Susan Elizabeth Ryan:  Figures of Speech:  The Art of Robert Indiana, 1958-73 (Directed by Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 1992 Eun-wha Park:  The World of Idealized Reclusion:  Landscape Painting of Hsiang Sheng-Mo (1597-1658) (Directed by Richard Edwards and Walter Spink)
  • 1992 Gabrielle Langdon:  Decorum in Portraits of Medici Women at the Court of Cosimo, 1537-1574 (Directed by R. W. Bissell and G. Smith)
  • 1992 Jean Ann Dabb:  The Church of St. Nicolas at Civrey: The Facade and its Sculptural Mary
     (Directed by I. H. Forsyth)
  • 1991 Martha J. McClintock:  Okuhara Seiko (1837-1913):  The Life and Arts of a Period Literati Artist (Directed by Paul Berry)
  • 1991 Victoria L. Weston:  Modernization in Japanese-Style Painting:  Yokoyama Taikan (1868-1958) and the Morotai Style (Directed by Paul Berry)
  • 1991 Jasmin W. Cyril:  The Imagery of San Bernardino Da Siena, 1440-1500:  An Iconographic
    (Directed by M. Eisenberg & R. W. Bissell)
  • 1991 Chuhui Judy Lai:  The Han Representation of exemplary Women:  Context and  Interpretation (Directed by Martin J. Powers)
  • 1991 Carolyn Marie Carty:  Dreams in Early Medieval Art (Directed by Ilene Forsyth)
  • 1990 Janice Simon:  The Crayon, 1855-1861:  The Voice of Nature in Criticism, Poetry, and the Fine Arts (Directed by David Huntington)
  • 1990 Woodard Openo:  The Summer Colony at Little Harbor in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
    and Its Relation to the Colonial Revival Movement
     (Directed by David Huntington)
  • 1990 Elizabeth Higashi:  Conical Glass Vessels from Karanis:  Function and Meaning in a
    Pagan/Christian Context in Rural Egypt 
    (Directed by Margaret Root)
  • 1989 Joan O'Mara:  The Haiga Genre and the Art of Yosa Buson (1716-84) (Directed by
    W. Spink)
  • 1989 Elizabeth Pilliod:  Studies on the Early Career of Alessandro Allori (Directed by Graham Smith)
  • 1989 Stephen A. Markel:  The Origin and Early Development of the Nine Planetary Deities Mus\Art (Navagraha) (Directed by Walter Spink)
  • 1989 Marshall Wu:  Chin Nung:  An Artist with a Wintry Heart (Directed by Richard Edwards
    and Paul Berry)
  • 1989 M. Carol Morland:  Watanabe Kazan 1793-1841:  Tradition and Innovation in Japanese
     (Directed by Paul Berry)
  • 1989 Karen Kleinfelder:  The Theme of the Artist and Model in Picasso's Late Graphics (Directed by R. Arnheim & Victor Miesel)
  • 1989 Diane Tepfer:  Edith Gregor Halpert and the Downtown Gallery Downtown: 1926-1940;
    A Study in American Art Patronage 
    (Directed by Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 1988 Laurie Taylor-Kelley (Mitchell):  The Horizontal Tuscan Panel, 1200-1365:  Frame Format and Pictorial Composition (Directed by R. Arnheim & Marvin Eisenberg)
  • 1988 Kathleen A. Pyne:  Immanence, Transcendence, and Impressionism in Late Nineteenth-
    Century American Painting
     (Directed by David C. Huntington)
  • 1987 Beverly Orlove Held:  "To Instruct and Improve...To Entertain and Please" American
    Civic Protests and Pageants 1765-1784
     (Directed by David C. Huntington)
  • 1987 Linda J. Wolk:  Studies in Perino Del Vaga's Early Career (Directed by Graham Smith)
  • 1987 Erica Susanna Trimpi:  Matteo Di Giovanni:  Documents and a Critical Catalogue of
    His Panel Paintings  
    (Directed by Marvin Eisenberg)
  • 1987 Barbara K. Schnitzer:  The 16th Century French Ceramic Ware called Saint-Porchaire
    (Directed by Nathan Whitman)
  • 1987 Robert Alan Benson:  Douglas Putnam Haskell (1899-1979) The Early Critical Writings
    (Directed by Leonard Eaton)
  • 1986 Christine M. Nelson Ruby:  Art for the People:  Art in Michigan Sponsored by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts, 1934-1943 (Directed by D. Kirkpatrick)
  • 1986 Catherine Elna Fruhan:  Trends in Roman Sculpture Circa 1600 (Directed by R. Ward Bissell)
  • 1986 Pearson M. Macek:  The Westminster Retable: A Study in English Gothic Panel
    (Directed by Marvin Eisenberg & Christine Verzar Bornstein)
  • 1985 Paul A. Berry:  Tanomura Chikuden 1777-1835: Man Amidst the Mountains Japan F'97
    (Directed by Cal French)
  • 1985 Marjorie L. Harth:  Robert Hudson Tannahill (1893-1969) Patron and Collector
    (Directed by M. Eisenberg & Charles Sawyer)
  • 1985 Marion E. Jackson:  Baker Lake Inuit Drawings:  A Study in the Evolution of Artistic Self-Consciousness (Directed by Evan M. Maurer)
  • 1985 Michael A. Marlais:  Anti-Naturalism, Idealism and Symbolism in French Art Criticism, 1880-1895 (Directed by Joel Isaacson)
  • 1985 Frank I. Heckes:  Supernatural Themes in the Art of Francisco De Goya (Directed by Joel Isaacson & H. E. Wethey)
  • 1985 Eleanor Mannikka:  Angkor Wat:  Meaning Through Measurement (Directed by W. Spink
    & H. Woodward, Jr.)
  • 1985 Sung-woo Kim:  History and Design of the Early Buddhist Architecture in Korea (Directed by Leonard Eaton & Richard Edwards)
  • 1984 Sadako Ohki:  Ike Taiga's "Karayo Calligraphy (Directed by Cal French)
  • 1984 Matthew L. Rohn:  Visual Dynamics in Jackson Pollock's Abstractions (Directed by Rudolf Arnheim & Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 1984 Marjorie J. Panadero (Hall):  The Labors of the Months and the Signs of the Zodiac
    in 12th-Century French Facades
     (Directed by I. H. Forsyth)
  • 1984 Vishakha N. Desai:  Connoisseur's Delights:  Early "Rasikapriya" Paintings in India(Directed by Walter M. Spink)
  • 1984 Shelley K. Perlove:  Gianlorenzo Bernini's Blessed Lodovica Albertoni and Baroque Devotion (Directed by R. Ward Bissell)
  • 1984 Beth E. Genne:  The Film Musicals of Vincente Minnelli and the Team of Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen: 1944-1958 (Directed by Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 1984 James J. Robinson:  The Vitality of Style:  Aspects of Flower and Bird Painting
    During the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368) 
    (Directed by Richard Edwards)
  • 1983 Phylis A. Floyd:  Japonisme in Context:  Documentation, Criticism, Aesthetic Reactions(Directed by Joel Isaacson)
  • 1983 Ellen A. Plummer:  The Eighteenth-Century Rebuilding of S. Croce in Gerusalemme, Rome(Directed by N. T. Whitman)
  • 1983 Marilyn E. Leese: The Traikutaka Dynasty and Kanheri's Second Phase of Buddhist Cave Excavation (Directed by Richard Edwards)
  • 1983 Maribeth Graybill:  Kasen-e An Investigation into the Origins of the Tradition of Poet Pictures in Japan (Directed by Cal French)
  • 1983 Barbara J. Haeger:  The Religious Significance of Rembrandt's "Return of the Prodigal
    Son":  An Examination of the Picture in the Context of the Visual and Iconographic
     (Directed by N. T. Whitman)
  • 1983 William R. Levin:  Studies in the Imagery of Mercy in Late Medieval Italian Art
    (Directed by Christine Bornstein & M. Eisenberg)
  • 1983 John B. Hunter III:  The Life and Work of Girolamo Siciolante da Sermoneta (Directed
    by G. Smith & R. Ward Bissell)
  • 1983 Elizabeth M. B. Gosling:  The History of Sukhothai as a Ceremonial Center: A Study
    of Early Siamese Architecture and Society 
    (Directed by H. W. Woodward, Jr. and Walter M. Spink)
  • 1983 Daniel E. O'Leary:  Harmony and Ritualistic Allusion in the Tornabuoni Chapel
    in Santa Maria Novella 
    (Directed by Graham Smith)
  • 1983 Leonard B. Darling, Jr.:  The Transformation of Pure Land Thought and the Development of Shinto Shrine Mandala Paintings: Kasuga and Kumano (Directed by Cal French)
  • 1983 Harry Murutes:  Lorenzo Lotto's Major Altarpieces of the "Enthroned" Madonna with Saints":  Doctoral Meaning, Sources, and Expression (Directed by H. E. Wethey and R. Ward Bissell)
  • 1982 Kenneth A. Breisch:  Small Public Libraries in America 1850-1890:  The Invention and Evolution of a Building Type (Directed by Leonard K. Eaton)
  • 1982 Jacquelynn Baas:  Auguste Lepere and the Artistic Revival of the Woodcut in France, 1875-1895 (Directed by J. Isaacson)
  • 1981 Alice R. Merrill (Hyland):  Wen Chia (1501-1583), Derivation and Innovation (Directed by R. Edwards)
  • 1981 David M. Kowal:  The Life and Art of Francisco Ribalta (Directed by R. W. Bissell)
  • 1981 Stephanie Spencer:  O. G. Rijlander--Art Photographer (Directed by D. C. Huntington)
  • 1981 Jeremy Adamson:  Frederic Edwin Church's "Niagara":  The Sublime as Transcendence(Directed by D. Huntington)
  • 1981 Dennis Costanzo:  Cityscape and the Transformation of Paris During the Second Empire
    (Directed by Joel Isaacson)
  • 1981 Toh Sugimura:  The Chinese Impact on Certain 15th-Century Persian Miniature Paintings
    from the Albums (Hazine Library Nos. 2153, 2154, 2160) in the Topkapi of Ethnology,
    Sarayi Museum, Instanbul 
    (Directed by R. Edwards and C. French)
  • 1981 Steve J. Goldberg:  Court Calligraphy in the Early T'ang Dynasty (Directed by R. Edwards and C. French)
  • 1981 Kathe B. Geist:  The Cinema of Wim Wenders 1967 to 1977 (Directed by D. Kirkpatrick)
  • 1980 Carole Drachler:  The Gallery and Art Collection of Henry Clay Lewis (Directed by
    D. Huntington)
  • 1980 Janice Schimmelman:  The Spirit of Gothic:  The Gothic Revival House in Nineteenth-
    Century America
     (Directed by D. Huntington)
  • 1980 Ann T. Brown:  Non-Narrative Elements in Tuscan Gothic Frescoes (Directed by M. Eisenberg)
  • 1980 Chi-sheng Kuo:  The Paintings of Hung-Jen (Directed by R. Edwards)
  • 1980 Sewall Oertling:  Ting Yun-p'eng:  A Chinese Artist of the Late Ming Dynasty (Directed by R. Edwards)
  • 1980 Jane Block:  Les II and Belgiam Avant-gardism, 1868-1894 (Directed by V. Miesel)
  • 1980 Sara Schastok:  6th-Century Indian Sculptures from Samalaji:  Style & Iconography
    (Directed by W. Spink)
  • 1979 Michael Browne:  Kawahara Keiga:  The Painter of Deshima (Directed by C. French)
  • 1979 Louise Yuhas:  The Landscape Painting of Lu Chih (1496-1576) An Analysis of the Style
    of a Sixteenth-Century Soochow Painter
     (Directed by R. Edwards)
  • 1979 Warren Tresidder:  The Classicism of the Early Works of Titian:  Its Sources and
     (Directed by R. Ward Bissell)
  • 1979 I. Job Thomas:  Painting in Tamil Nadu A.D. 1350-1650 (Directed by W. Spink)
  • 1979 Melinda Takeuchi:  Visions of a Wanderer:  The True View Paintings of Ike Taiga (1723-1776) (Directed by C. French)
  • 1979 Susan Feinberg:  Sir John Soane's "Museum":  An Analysis of the Architect's House-Museum in Lincoln's Inn Fields, London (Directed by David Huntington)
  • 1979 Michael Davis:  The Cathedral of Clermont-Ferrand (Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1979 Vicky Clark:  The Illustrated "Abridged Astrological Treatises of Albumasar"
    (Directed by C. Olds and C. Bornstein)
  • 1979 Ghazi Bisheh:  The Mosque of the Prophet at Madinah Throughout the First Century A. H., with Special Emphasis on the Umayyad Mosque (Directed by P. Soucek)
  • 1979 Ali El Ballush:  A History of Libyan Mosque Architecture During the Ottoman and Libya
    Karmanli Period (1551-1911) Evolution, Development and Typology 
    (Directed by Pricilla Soucek)
  • 1978 Robert Neuman:  Robert De Cotte, Architect of the Late Baroque (Directed by N. T. Whitman)
  • 1978 William Jensen:  The Sculptures of the Tomb of the Haterii (Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1978 Mona Kathryn Horste:  The Capitals of the Second Workshop from the Romanesque Law School Cloister of La Daurade, Toulouse (Directed by I. H. Forsyth)
  • 1978 Mary Faith Mitchell Grizzard:  Bernardo Martorell:  15th-Century Catalan Artist (Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1978 Dan Ewing:  The Paintings & Drawings of Jan de Beer (Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1978 Robert Del Bonta:  The  Hoysala Style: Architectural Development & Artists, 12th & 13th Centuries A.D. (Directed by W. Spink)
  • 1978 Wichit Charernbhak:  Architectural Criticism as Reflected in Publication on Chicago Commercial Architecture in the 1880s and 1890s (Directed by David Huntington)
  • 1978 Penelope Brownell:  The Venetian Painter, Francesco Maffei (1620-1660) (Directed
    by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1978 Doris Birmingham:  Andre Masson in America:  The Artist's Achievement in Exile,
    (Directed by V. Miesel)
  • 1978 Julie Badiee:  An Islamic Cosmography:  The Illustrations of the Sarre Qazwini (Directed by P. Soucek)
  • 1977 Jean Weir:  Timberline Lodge:  A WPA Experiment in Architecture and Crafts (Directed by D. Huntington)
  • 1977 Charles Walters:  Hiram Powers and William Rimmer:   A Study in the Concept of Expression (Directed by D. Huntington)
  • 1977 Walter Thompson:  The Domed Entry Pavilion in French Classical Architecture: Its Origin, Evolution and Interpretation (Directed by N. T. Whitman)
  • 1977 Richard Swain: “ Le Jardin de Plaisir” in Tudor and Stuart England (Directed by D. Huntington)
  • 1977 Edwin L. Rifkin:  Antonioni's Mise-En-Scene:  Elements of a Visual Language (Directed by D. Kirkpatrick)
  • 1977 Margaret Rajam:  The Fresco Cycle by Spinello Arentino in the Sala Di Balia, Siena:
    Imagery of Pope and Emperor
     (Directed by M. Eisenberg)
  • 1977 Dorothy Habel (Metzger):  Piazza S. Ignazio, Rome in the 17th and 18th Centuries(Directed by N. T. Whitman)
  • 1977 Forest McGill:  The Art and Architecture of the Reign of King Prasatthong of Ayutthaya (1629-1656) (Directed by W. Spink & H. Woodward)
  • 1977 Martha Agnew (Fader):  Sculpture in the Piazza della Signoria as Emblem of the Florentine Republic (Directed by M. Eisenberg)
  • 1977 Roger Berkowitz:  Benjamin Smith, Sr., Regency Silversmith (Directed by M. Eisenberg)
  • 1977 Susan Barnes:  Giacomo Balla: His Life and Work 1871 to 1912 (Directed by V. Miesel)
  • 1977 Stephen Addiss:  Uragami Gyokudo:  The Complete Literati Artist (Directed by Cal French)
  • 1976 Gail Weigl:  Foundations of a Momoyama Theme:  Birds & Flowers of the Four Seasons
    in a Landscape
     (Directed by Cal French)
  • 1976 Law Watkins:  The Brancacci Chapel Frescoes:  Meaning and Use (Directed by R. Ward Bissell)
  • 1976 Grace Vlam:  Western-Style Secular Painting in Momoyama Japan (Directed by C. French)
  • 1976 Duncan Kinkead:  Juan de Valdes Leal (1622-1690):  His Life and Work (Directed
    by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1976 Diane Upright (Headley):  Morris Louis:  The Mature Paintings 1954-1962 (Directed by Diane Kirkpatrick)
  • 1976 Billie Thompson Fischer:  The Sculpture of Valerio Cioli 1529-1599 (Directed by Graham Smith)
  • 1976 Gerald Carr:  The Commissioners' Churches of London, 1818-1837:  A Study of Religious Art, Architecture & Patronage in Britain from the Formation of the Commission to the Accession of Victoria (Directed by D. Huntington)
  • 1976 Katherine R. Bateman:  St. Albans, Its Ivory and Manuscripts Workshops: A Solution
    to the St. Albans Bury, St. Edmunds Dilemma
     (Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1975 Kathleen Raben Castiello:  The Italian Sculptors of the United States Capitol: 1806-1834(Directed by D. Huntington)
  • 1975 Ryan Howard:  Pedro Duque de Cornejo, Andalusian Sculpture 1678-1757 (Directed
    by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1975 Sharon Rich Harrison:  A Catalogue of the Etchings of Odilon Redon (Directed by J. Isaacson)
  • 1975 James Collier:  Linear Perspective in Flemish Painting and the Art of PetrusChristus and Dirk Bouts (Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1974 Joanne Winjum:  The Canterbury Roundels (Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1974 John Steyaert:  The Sculpture of St. Martin's in Halle and Related Netherlandish Works(Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1974 Charles Rosenberg:  Art in Ferrara During the Reign of Borso d'Este, 1450-1471
    (Directed by E. Verheyen)
  • 1974 Milan Mihal:  Sakai Hoitsu:  A Catalogue Raisonne of Selected Works (Directed by C. French)
  • 1974 Deborah C. Brown (Levine):  The Victoria and Albert Museum Akbar-Nama: A Study in History, Myth and Image (Directed by W. Spink)
  • 1974 Bernard Bonario:  Marco Basaiti:  A Study of the Venetian Painter and a Catalogue of his Works (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1974 Sister Johanna Becker:  The Karatsu Ceramics of Japan:  Origins, Fabrications, and Types(Directed by C. French)
  • 1974 Richard Axsom:  Parade:  Cubism as Theatre (Directed by J. Isaacson)
  • 1974 Leila Avrin:  The Illumination of the Moshe Ben-Asher Codex of 895 C.E. (Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1973 Victoria Thorson:  The Drawings of Rodin in America (Directed by V. Miesel)
  • 1973 Michael Stoughton:  The Paintings of Giovanni Battista Caracciolo (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1973 Barbara Carlisle (Rutledge):  The Theatrical Art of the Italian Renaissance: Interchangeable Conventions in Painting and Theatre in the Late 15th
    & Early 16th Centuries
     (Directed by N. Whitman)
  • 1973 Betty Monroe:  Okada Beisanjin (1744-1820):  Transitional Bunjinga (Directed by R. Edwards)
  • 1973 Richard Janke:  Janin Lomme and Late Gothic Sculpture in Navarre (Directed by H . E. Wethey)
  • 1973 Annemarie Weyl Carr:  The Rockefeller-McCormick New Testament (Gregory 2400)
    (Directed by I. H. Forsyth)
  • 1973 Laurel Blank Andrew:  19th Century Mormon Architecture (Directed by
    D. Huntington)
  • 1972 Peter Bermingham:  Importation and Influence on the School in America (Directed by D. Huntington)
  • 1971 Lois Drewer:  The Carved Wooden Beams of the Church of Justinian, Monastery of St. Catherine at Mount Sinai (Directed by I. H. Forsyth)
  • 1971 Jeannie Chenault (Porter):  Bradley Walker Tomlin Abstract Expressionist (Directed by V. Miesel)
  • 1971 Mary Cazort (Taylor):  The Drawings and Paintings of Ubaldo Gandolfi (Directed by
    H. E. Wethey)
  • 1971 Donald Kuspit:  Durer and the Northern Critics (1502-72) (Directed by C. Olds)
  • 1971 Fay Frick:  A Typology of Fustat Ceramics (Directed by O. Grabar)
  • 1970 John Varriano:  The Roman Church Commissions of Martino Longhi the Younger (Directed by N. T. Whitman)
  • 1970 Margret Pond Rothman:  A Sculpture Record of the Age of the Tetrarchies (Directed by I. H. Forsyth)
  • 1970 Robert Mode:  Famous Men and Women Illustration in 15th Century Italian Manuscripts 
    (Directed by M. Eisenberg)
  • 1970 Edward Keall:  Significance of Parthian Nippur (Directed by D. White)
  • 1970 Beverly Heisner:  Aspects of Ecclesiastical Architecture of Viscardi (Directed by N. T. Whitman)
  • 1970 Geraldine Fowle:  The Biblical Paintings of Sebastian Bourdon (1611-1671) (Directed by N. T. Whitman)
  • 1970 James Caswell:  Early Cave Sculptures in Yun-Kang (Directed by O. Grabar)
  • 1970 Ulku Bates:  The Anatolian Mausoleum of the 12th, 13th and 14th Centuries (Directed by O. Grabar)
  • 1970 Janet Anderson:  Pedro de Mena:  Spanish Sculptor (1628-1688) (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1970 Mohamed Abd El Wahab:  Decorated Woodwork from Egyptian-American Collections
    (Directed by O. Grabar)
  • 1969 David Wilkins:  Maso di Banco (Directed by Marvin Eisenberg)
  • 1969 Diane Kirkpatrick:  Edoardo Paolozzi (Directed by V. H. Miesel)
  • 1969 Esin Atil:  The illustration of the Sur-Nameh of Ahmet, the Third (Directed by O. Grabar)
  • 1968 Lisa Beth Golombeck:  Timurid Shrine at Gazur Gah: An Iconographical Interpretation
    of Timurid Architecture 1360-1506 
    (Directed by O. Grabar)
  • 1968 Stanislaw Czuma:  The Brahmanical Rashtrakuta Monuments at Ellora (Directed
    by Walter M. Spink)
  • 1967 William Trousdale:  Sword-Scabbard Slides (Directed by O. Grabar)
  • 1967 Charles Meyer:  The Staircase of the Residenz at Wurzburg (Directed by N. T. Whitman) 
  • 1967 Ellen Johnston Laing:  The Theme of the Scholars Meeting in Chinese Painting (Directed by R. Edwards)
  • 1966 Theodore Turak:  William Le Baron Jenney (Directed by Leonard Eaton)
  • 1966 Margaret Damm Rolland:  The Mythological Paintings of Van Dyck (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1966 R. Ward Bissell:  Orazio Gentileschi (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1965 Gunar Inal:  The Fourteenth-Century Miniatures of the Jami Al-Tayarika in Returned to
    the Topkapi Museum in Instanbul
     (Directed by O. Grabar & R. Edwards)
  • 1964 Suzanne Edwards Lewis:  Early Christian Architecture in Milan (Directed by G. H. Forsyth)
  • 1963 John Williams:  The Bible of Leon of 960 (Directed by J. E. Snyder)
  • 1961 Antanas Melnikas:  The Early Works of Gentile de Fabriano (Directed by Marvin J. Eisenberg)
  • 1961 Rosemary A. Marzolf:  The Life and Works of Juan Carreno de Miranda (1614-1685)(Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1960 H. Phillip Stern:  Ukiyoe Paintings (Directed by J. M. Plumer)
  • 1960 Mojmir Frinta:  The Master of the Beautiful Madonnas (Late Gothic Sculpture in
    Bohemia) (Directed by J. E. Snyder)
  • 1959 Victor Miesel:  The Classical Elements in the Paintings of Rubens (Directed by  H. E. Wethey)
  • 1959 Bernard Goldman:  The Oriental Background of Etruscan Culture (Directed by Clark Hopkins)
  • 1958 Glenn N. Patton:  Antonio Guerro y Torres and Mexican Architecture of the 18th Century(Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1958 James Cahill:  Wu Chen, His Life Paintings and Ideas (Directed by Max Loehr)
  • 1957 Marilyn Stokstad:  The Romanesque Sculpture of the Portico de la Gloria at Santiago de Compostela (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1957 Sister Mary Angelina Filipiak:  The Plans of the Convents of the Poor Clares in Central Italy in the 13th & 14th Centuries (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1956 Emma Mellencamp:  Renaissance Costume in Italian Painting 1450-1500 (Directed by
    H. E. Wethey and completed under M. Eisenberg)
  • 1953 Robert Enggass:  The Religious Paintings of Giovanni Battista Gaulli (Directed by H. E. Wethey)
  • 1946 Harry A. Broad:  Contemporary American Lithography (Begun under Bruce Donaldson &
    finished with J. G. Winter)
  • 1940 Aloysius G. Weimer:  The Munich Period in American Art (Directed by Bruce Donaldson
    & J. G. Winter)
  • 1940 Paul McPharlin:  Puppets in American Life (Directed by J. G. Winter)
  • 1940 Florence Day:  Mesopotamian Pottery:  Parthian, Sassanian and Early Islamic
    (Begun under M. Aga-Oglu & finished with R. Ettinghausen)

Best undergraduate dissertations in History of Art, 2011

In June 2011 the Department of Historical Studies at the University of Bristol voted to begin to publish the best of the annual dissertations produced by the department’s final year History of Art undergraduates (deemed to be those receiving a mark of 75 or above). We did so in recognition of the excellent research work being undertaken by our students. As a department, we are committed to the advancement of historical knowledge and understanding, and to research of the highest order. We believe that our undergraduates are part of that endeavour.

Listed below are the the best of this year’s final year undergraduate dissertations, with links to the dissertations themselves where these are available. Please note, however, that these dissertations are published in the state they were submitted for examination. Thus the authors have not been able to correct errors and/or departures from departmental guidelines for the presentation of dissertations (e.g. in the formatting of footnotes and bibliographies). In each case, copyright resides with the author and all rights are reserved.