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Hsm 260 Fee Setting Assignment

Unformatted text preview: The cash basis form of accounting documents the income only when the service is paid for. The importance of the statement of cash flow is very important in the financial management of an organization. This statement provides a breakdown of all the transactions in and out of the organization. The information documented is counted over a specific period of time. The statement of cash flow also makes aware any variations in transactions of the organization. An organizations financial stability relies on the money that is gained and spent daily. If they had no knowledge of how money is spent the organization can go bankrupt. It also provides solid documentation of where the money is spent. Reference Martin, L. (2001). Financial management for human service administrators. Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon. The Importance of Cash Management (n.d.). The introduction to financial management . Retrieved May 26, 2009, from %20managment3.htm...
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PeopleSoft Global Payroll for Spain enables you to pay your employees' union fees as part of the regular payroll processing cycle.

  • Gather the employee's union data.

    If employees want their union fees to be paid by the payroll process, the employee must provide the information necessary to set up the automatic payments. The employee must provide:

    • Union code.

    • Union date (the date on which the employee was first affiliated with the union).

    • The employee's function in the union (if applicable).

    • Union fee.

    • Fee start and end dates (the initial date on which the fees should be paid through payroll and, if applicable, the date on which the payment of fees should stop). Unless an end date is specified, the system will continue to pay the union fees until an end date is provided.

    • Exemptions or free working hours to partake in union activities (if applicable).

  • Enter union data.

    When you have the information about an employee's union affiliation, enter that information on the Job Labor page in the Job Data component,

    Note: The Fee Start Dt (fee start date) and Fee End Dt (fee end date) fields can be left blank. If Fee Start Dt is blank, then PeopleSoft Global Payroll for Spain uses as the default value. If Fee End Dt is blank, then PeopleSoft Global Payroll for Spain uses as the default value.

  • Define the union as the recipient of the deduction.

    After associating an employee with a union, you must set up union fee deduction information. Define the union as a recipient of the deduction on the Recipient page The Recipient page provides detailed information about the third-party recipient for a deduction. The Recipient page enables you to indicate who gets a deduction. This provides a direct relationship between the union and bank account into which the union fee deduction is deposited.

  • Define the payroll element.

    If you are defining the general recipient as a general recipient, then link the general recipient to the deduction element that calculates the union fee. To link the general recipient to a deduction, access the Recipient page of the Deductions component and select the deduction recipient.

    If the recipient is defined as an individual recipient, then the final step is to define the payroll element to use as the deduction (union fee) for the employee. Use the Assign Deduction Recipients page to do this. This associates an employee with an element name (the payroll element for the union fee) and a recipient (the union and, therefore, the appropriate bank account).