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The American College Of Rheumatology Preliminary Bibliography


The 2010 criteria addressed a number of problems with the 1990 criteria.

Intended Population

Patients suffering from Fibromyalgia/ Wide spread pain

Method of Use

The TPE is eliminated in this criteria. A physical examination item, replaced by the widespread pain index (WPI), a 0-19 count of the number of body regions reported as painful by the patient. In addition, the 2010 criteria assessed on a 0-3 severity scale a series of symptoms that were characteristic of fibromyalgia: fatigue, non-refreshed sleep, cognitive problems, and the extent of somatic symptom reporting. The items were combined into a 0-12 Symptom Severity (SS) scale. Finally, the Widespread Pain Index (WPI) and SS-scales could be combined into a 0-31 fibromyalgianess scale, a second measure of polysymptomatic distress or FM severity (3). The criteria committee considered that the diagnosis of a symptom severity disorder should require more than an ‘augenblick’ diagnosis. Instructions, a criteria worksheet, and a patient pain location report are available on-line as an aid to ACR2010 assessments (


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Developed in 1993

The ACR20 is a composite measure defined as both improvement of 20% in the number of tender and number of swollen joints, and a 20% improvement in three of the following five criteria: patient global assessment, physician global assessment, functional ability measure [most often Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ)], visual analog pain scale, and erythrocyte sedimentation rate or C-reactive protein (CRP).

ACR50 and ACR70 are the same instruments with improvement levels defined as 50% and 70% respectively versus 20% for ACR20.

The ACR20 was revised in 2007 and the Hybrid ACR Response Measure, combining the ACR20, ACR50, ACR70 and a continuous score of the mean improvement in ACR core set measures, was proposed as a better definition of response to treatment in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) clinical trials.

Physician Assessment Form © 1999, American College of Rheumatology.

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