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Armagan Bayram Dissertation Titles

Number of items: 1274.


Akalın, Çağdaş (2017) Peridynamic modelling of deformation field on isotropic medium. [Thesis]

Alkan, Sezel (2017) Elementary abelian p-extensions of algebraic function fields and the Hasse-Arf Theorem. [Thesis]

Çalık, Özgün (2017) Magical identities: alternative witchcraft spiritualities through the lens of Turkish youth. [Thesis]

Çalışkan Ciğer, Saadet (2017) DWW's humanitarian space in Turkish foreign policy. [Thesis]

Erkan, Hakan Sezgin (2017) TİKA: development assistances as a case of implementing soft power in Turkish foreign policy. [Thesis]

Gündoğdu, Gökçe (2017) Orientalism and the Kurdish question in Turkey: Kemalist women's discourses on Kurdish women in the 1990s. [Thesis]

Kaplan, Emre (2017) Privacy risks of spatio-temporal data transformations. [Thesis]

Kaymakçıoğlu, Miray (2017) An analysis of entrepreneurship in Turkey: conflicts between entrepreneurs and enterprisers. [Thesis]

Kocaefe, Mert (2017) Temperature and force modeling on grinding. [Thesis]

Köken, Deniz (2017) Synthesis and optimization of boron nitride nanotubes for stable aqueous dispersions. [Thesis]

Mohammad Moradi, Omid (2017) Combined effect of strontium content and electrode type on electrical properties of BaxSr1-xTiO3 thin-films. [Thesis]


Adamu, Abdullahi (2016) Analysis of error-related potentials in P300 and motor imagery based brain computer interfaces. [Thesis]

Akalın, Ömer (2016) The change in official Islam in Turkey: an analysis of friday sermons published by the presidency of religious affairs. [Thesis]

Akçapınar, Kudret (2016) On the throughput of in-band full-duplex communication in wireless systems. [Thesis]

Alewiwi, Mahmoud Khaled (2016) Efficient and secure document similarity search cloud utilizing mapreduce. [Thesis]

Amjad, Muhammad Sohaib (2016) Digital self-interference cancellation in full-duplex wireless systems. [Thesis]

Armağan, Efe (2016) Fabrication of stimuli responsive and conducting polymeric nanotubes by chemical vapor deposition: loading/release and sensor studies. [Thesis]

Babaie Rizvandi, Omid (2016) Design and modeling of a large proton exchange membrane fuel cell with high hydrogen utilization for automotive applications. [Thesis]

Bilgen, Samet (2016) Modelling and optimization of multi-axis machining process considering CNC motion limitations. [Thesis]

Cabadağ, Nazlı (2016) Negotiating queer public visibility: experiences of LGBTI residents in Kurtuluş, Istanbul. [Thesis]

Çakıroğlu, Dilek (2016) An investigation on electrochemical performance of supercapacitors assembled with vertically aligned & entangled carbon nanotube and conductive polymer. [Thesis]

Çalıcı, Ekin (2016) Limited consideration and aspiration based decision-making in simple allocation problems. [Thesis]

Çarhacıoğlu, Onur (2016) Interface diversity for enhanced quality of experience in home networks. [Thesis]

Çolak, Ersoy (2016) Heterotrimeric g-protein alpha (α) subunit from A. thaliana (AtGPA1) forms trimeric structures in solution. [Thesis]

Değirmenci, Mehmet Melih (2016) Power outages and productivity in manufacturing sector. [Thesis]

Dinçer, Berkay (2016) Exploratory wrangling and annotation of Tweets. [Thesis]

Erten, Efe Naci (2016) Determinants of bank lending during crises: an empirical analysis of banking in Turkey. [Thesis]

Güven, Gökhan (2016) Relationship among shopping mall, retail stores, and customers in suburban malls. [Thesis]

Hassani, Milad (2016) Predicting drug synergy using data mining. [Thesis]

Imanlou, Bahar (2016) A topology optimized model based on the level-set method for porous bone scaffolds. [Thesis]

İrten, Gökçe (2016) Analysing the components of a children's picture book. [Thesis]

Lee, John (2016) Conditional effects of educational attainment on domestic terrorism. [Thesis]

Merdan, Ersin (2016) Turkey's potential as an energy hub: to what extent can it fulfill its potential as a provider of energy security for Europe? [Thesis]

Oruç, Tuğçe (2016) Lipid bilayer permeation of an aliphatic amine drug: modeling with molecular dynamics simulations and kinetic rate equations. [Thesis]

Özdamar, Hakkı Baran (2016) Robotic contour tracking with force control and an operational space disturbance observer. [Thesis]

Özeren, Emre (2016) High resolution, process and temperature compensated phase shifter design using a self generated look up table. [Thesis]

Ramadan, Abba Ibrahim (2016) Existence of traveling waves solution for certain nonlocal wave equations. [Thesis]

Sadighikia, Sina (2016) 3D electron microscopy investigations of human dentin and ion beam irradiation effect on biocompatible anatase TiO2 using focused ion beam based techniques. [Thesis]

Salman, Umutcan (2016) Affirmative actions under the Boston mechanism. [Thesis]

Shahmoradi, Zahed (2016) Fault localization for a series system when tests are unreliable. [Thesis]

Shamloo, Bahar (2016) Characterization of the C-terminal domain of the P53 tumor suppressor. [Thesis]

Sohrab, Fahad (2016) Railway vehicle detection from audio recordings using one-class classification. [Thesis]

Taşpınar, Emine Zeren (2016) Essays in applied macroeconomics. [Thesis]

Topçu, Berkay (2016) Security/privacy analysis of biometric hashing and template protection for fingerprint minutiae. [Thesis]

Türköz, Deha Deniz (2016) Comparison of single channel bilind dereverberation methods for speech signals. [Thesis]

Üstündağ, Berktuğ (2016) 0.13 µm SiGe BiCMOS W&D-Band receivers for passive millimeter-wave imaging applications. [Thesis]

Yalçın, Turgut Köksal (2016) Thermal modelling of high speed machine tool spindles. [Thesis]

Yalçınkaya, İskender (2016) Spreading and transport properties of quantum walks. [Thesis]

Yanık, Cenk (2016) Fabrication and charge transport measurements on graphene-based nanostructures in the quantum hall regime. [Thesis]

Yerli, Didem (2016) Mehmed Nadir and his periodical the Nümune-i Terakki within the context of the Hamidian era. [Thesis]

Yıldız, Derya (2016) Detour: place-making through relational art. [Thesis]

Yıldız, Muhammet (2016) Biometric layering: template security and privacy through multi-biometric template fusion. [Thesis]

Zorlu, Begüm (2016) Handling the wave: authoritarian survival in Egypt. [Thesis]


Abiral, Bürge (2015) Catastrophic futures, anxious presents: lifestyle activism and hope in the permaculture movement in Turkey. [Thesis]

Adalı, Deniz (2015) Role of miR156 and miR171 in drought response of tobacco. [Thesis]

Ahmed, Faran (2015) Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process: a comparison of the existing algorithms with new proposals. [Thesis]

Akkaş, Tuğçe (2015) Novel methods to prepared cross-linked enzyme aggregates (CLEA) challenging immobilization models-urease and pepsin. [Thesis]

Aksoy, Faruk (2015) An application of prospect theory on analysis of strategic voting: the effect of incumbency on reference point/. [Thesis]

Aksoy, Timur (2015) Template-based 3D-2D rigid registration of vascular structures in frequency domain from a single view. [Thesis]

Amur, Leyla Magdalena (2015) Perceptions of feminist organizations regarding the EU's role in the Turkish women's movement. [Thesis]

Arkın, Ahmet (2015) Issue ownership in Turkish politics. [Thesis]

Arslan, İlker (2015) Characterization of the potential smoothness of one-dimensional Dirac operator subject to general boundary conditions and its Riesz basis property. [Thesis]

Avcı, Burcu (2015) Self-knowledge through self-tracking devices: design guidelines for usability and a socio-technical examination from posthumanity perspective. [Thesis]

Ayat, Muhammad (2015) The pricing of audit services and the effects of audit market size. [Thesis]

Aydın, Osman Serdar (2015) The effects of product and process innovations on employment growth: evidence from Turkey. [Thesis]

Aylı, Ezgi (2015) A network design problem for a post sale services distribution system. [Thesis]

Balkan Tec, Handan (2015) Non-Muslims and military service in the late Ottoman Empire. [Thesis]

Bayram, Vildan (2015) Development of graphene supported catalyst nanoparticles for polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells. [Thesis]

Canayaz, Marketa (2015) Voter turnout in the 2009 European elections: media coverage and media exposure as explanatory factors. [Thesis]

Ceylan, Yasemin (2015) Changes in growth and magnesium concentration of wheat and coffee plants grown under various magnesium and water stress treatments. [Thesis]

Chun, Daeil (2015) Ziya Gökalp's separation of religion and state: a comparison with American and French models. [Thesis]

Coşkun, Saadet Bilge (2015) A gender-oriented approach towards Brechtian theatre: functionality, performativity, and affect in mother courage and her chidren and the good person of Szechwan. [Thesis]

Çapacıoğlu, Tanju (2015) The determinants and dynamics of cross-border bank loans in Turkey. [Thesis]

Çelik, Çiğdem (2015) A survey of plurisubharmonic functions. [Thesis]

Davulcu, Murat (2015) SiGe BiCMOS ICs for X-Band 7-Bit T/R module with high precision amplitude and phase control. [Thesis]

Dehkharghani, Rahim (2015) Sentiment analysis in Turkish: resources and techniques. [Thesis]

Döğer, Candemir (2015) Interactive multiview information visualization in tablet-sized touch devices for scientific data. [Thesis]

Farrokhi, Abbas (2015) On the trade-off between quqlity of experience and energy efficiency in a heterogeneous cellular network. [Thesis]

Ghobadi, Sajjad (2015) Development of rGO/PANI/PVA-based electrospun nanocomposites. [Thesis]

Gisclon, Megan Elizabeth (2015) A gradual declension: civil-military relations and the AKP, 2002-2007. [Thesis]

Hasoğlu, Rezzan (2015) Building a community platform for artisans and designers: artisans in Istanbul. [Thesis]

Işık, Leyla (2015) On complete mappings and value sets of polynomials over finite fields. [Thesis]

İlker, Efe (2015) Differentiated chaos in phases boundaries, overfrustrated/underfrustrated repressed/induced spin-glass order, asymmetric phase diagrams, and critical phases in spin-glass systems. [Thesis]

İnaç, Mesut (2015) Modeling, design and fabrication of metal-insulator-metal diodes as rectenna element for infrared energy harvesting and detection applications. [Thesis]

İnan, Murat Oluş (2015) Parking at and around downtown shopping malls. [Thesis]

İyiiş, Kübra (2015) An appraisal of the impact of reform on society: the case of early Tanzimat, 1839-1856. [Thesis]

Javeed, Arsalan (2015) Gray-box combinatorial interaction testing. [Thesis]

Kaşıkcı, Canan (2015) On the spectra of quadratic functions. [Thesis]

Katgı, Tennur (2015) The role of intergroup relations and emotion in predicting the deservingness of welfare aid. [Thesis]

Kayserilioğlu, Erdem (2015) Beyond the ''people'': formation of ''ulusalcılık'' in the AKP's populist discourse. [Thesis]

Khachatryan, Sona (2015) Dr. Riza Nur and his relationship to the Turkish history thesis. [Thesis]

Kocacık Şenol, Melike Ayşe (2015) Economic interdependence and civil conflict onset: an analysis on Tanzania and The Democratic Republic of Congo. [Thesis]

Koyuncu, Neslihan (2015) Taming objects or selves?: analysis of the exhibition ''Haneden''. [Thesis]

Köroğlu, Murat Kıvanç (2015) Greek citizens in the Ottoman lands as artisans and shopkeepers, and the question of nationality: 1830-1860. [Thesis]

Mehdipour Ghazi, Mostafa (2015) Plant identification using deep convolutional networks based on principal component analysis. [Thesis]

Nedaei, Masoumeh (2015) Subcooled flow boiling heat transfer enhancement in microchannels/tubes with modifications of surface characteristics with micro/nano structures and films. [Thesis]

Opçin, Arzu (2015) Natural gas-a game changer in the Cyprus conflict? [Thesis]

Özbaykal, Gizem (2015) On interaction patterns in proteins. [Thesis]

Özfatura, Mehmet Emre (2015) Playback delay and interruption analysis of multiuser video streaming systems. [Thesis]

Öztürk, Kıvılcım (2015) Identification of active disease-associated subnetworks in human protein-protein interaction networks using the MCL algorithm. [Thesis]

Penoni, Francesca (2015) Armenian religious architecture in the late 19th early 20th century Kayseri: spatial and cultural cleansing. [Thesis]

Selçuk, Ayşe (2015) Private search over big data leveraging distributed file system and parallel processing. [Thesis]

Sezer, Hatice (2015) The reformist horizons of Ahmed Cevdet Paşa: the notions of civilization (medeniyet), progress (terakki), and solidarity (asabiyet). [Thesis]

Sezgin, Firuze Simay (2015) Speed, size and composition of the United Nations peacekeeping operations initial deployments. [Thesis]

Shahın, Evgeniia (2015) The role of foreign direct investment in post-conflict peacebuilding. [Thesis]

Shaikh, Sarmad Ahmed (2015) Two axis direction finding antenna system using difference-sum patterns in x-band. [Thesis]

Sonuşen, Selda (2015) Development, fabrication and characterization of graphene and bismuth hall sensors for scanning hall probe microscopy. [Thesis]

Soysal Al, İrem (2015) Organic food and mothers: techniques of neoliberal governmentality and negotiation of multiple discourses of motherhood, risks, and organic food. [Thesis]

Tepina, Aljaz (2015) Attention please: understanding directing attention in video. [Thesis]

Tığlay, Fatma Pelin (2015) Division of inheritance and capital accumulation: case of Bursa from probate registers, 1700-1840. [Thesis]

Tillem, Gamze (2015) Hiding query access patterns in range queries using private information retrieval and oblivious ram. [Thesis]

Timuçin, Ahmet Can (2015) Identification of SIRT1 as a novel regulator of NFAT5 dependent aldose reductase expression under osmatic stress. [Thesis]

Tozlu, Başak (2015) Modeling and analysis of a home care routing problem. [Thesis]

Tunç, Murat Mustafa (2015) Diffusion of innovation and collective action in complex networks. [Thesis]

Uysal, Emre (2015) Analytical and experimental investigation of orthogonal turn-milling processes. [Thesis]

Ülkem, Özge (2015) Uniformization of elliptic curves. [Thesis]

Ünsal, Aslıhan Muazzez (2015) Spectral analysis of gamma ray bursts with thermal signature during their prompt phase. [Thesis]

Yarali, Miad (2015) Novel expanded titanate based materials for energy applications. [Thesis]

Yılmaz, Emre (2015) Regional powers contradictory leaderships: Turkey and Saudi Arabia in the Arab spring. [Thesis]

Yılmaz, Mustafa Berkay (2015) Offline signature verification with user-based and global classifiers of local features. [Thesis]

Zakharyuta, Anastasia (2015) Nanosized crosslinked protein aggregates (nano-CLPA). [Thesis]


Aka, Sevgi (2014) 404 not found. [Thesis]

Akgül, Önder Eren (2014) Yemen as an Ottoman frontier and attempt to build a native army: Asakir-i Hamidiye. [Thesis]

Altınuşak, Tuğçe (2014) Catastrophic evolution of trimethoprim resistance. [Thesis]

Altunkulp, Hazal (2014) Class and ethnicity interaction: Kurdish question and trade unions in Turkey. [Thesis]

Anahtarcı, Berkay (2014) Asymptotics of spectral gaps of hill and 1D dirac operators. [Thesis]

Aslan, Deniz (2014) Modeling of grinding process mechanics. [Thesis]

Atasever, Halil (2014) Play 1: investigating fabric and body relationship on stage. [Thesis]

Atay, Burcu (2014) An MDO exercise using response surface methodology: optimal shape and composite structure of a wing for optimal range. [Thesis]

Aydın, Nurşen (2014) New capacity allocation policies in revenue management. [Thesis]

Az, Elif İrem (2014) Military masculinites in the making: professional military education in contemporary Turkey. [Thesis]

Azadmanesh, Matin (2014) Siamese neural networks for biometric hashing. [Thesis]

Baran, Abdurrahman Eray (2014) Assistive control for non-contact machining of random shaped contours. [Thesis]

Batal, Ahmet (2014) Characterization of potential smoothness and riesz basis property of hill-schrödinger operators with singular periodic potentials in terms of periodic, antiperiodic and neumann spectra. [Thesis]

Beşik, Deniz (2014) Solving large-scale transmission network problems. [Thesis]

Bulut, Ahmet Emin (2014) Diarization of telephone conversations using probabilistic linear discriminant analysis. [Thesis]

Canıbek, Aslı Işın (2014) The commission on human rights inquiry: Turkey as a case study within the context of recent discussions on constitutionalism. [Thesis]

Çakmak, Barış (2014) Quantum correlations in spin chains and highly symmetric states. [Thesis]

Çalışkan, Can (2014) High dynamic range low noise amplifier and wideband hybrid phase shifter for SiGe BiCMOS phased array T/R modules. [Thesis]

Çebi, Sami (2014) The role of Turkey's energy security in calculations of foreign policy: Iraq and Iran. [Thesis]

Çelebi, Ceren (2014) Experimental investigation and force modeling of orthogonal cutting with the effect of third deformation zone. [Thesis]

Çelik, Türkü Özlüm (2014) A drinfeld modular interpretation of an asymptotically optimal tower of curves over finite fields. [Thesis]

Çetin, Gizem Selcan (2014) Sorting problem in fully homomorphic encrypted data. [Thesis]

Çıkım, Taha Abdullah (2014) Design and developement of energy efficient miniature devices for energy harvesting, thermal management and biomedical applications. [Thesis]

Delgado Saa, Jaime Fernando (2014) Probabilistic graphical models for brain computer interfaces. [Thesis]

Delihüseyinoğlu, Hülya (2014) Understanding of justice in Turkey: a comparative analysis of the Armenians and the Kurds in Istanbul. [Thesis]

Deliler, Duygu (2014) 'Self' perception and self definition of women working in private sector in managerial positions. [Thesis]

Demirtaş, Gül (2014) Essays in empirical corporate finance. [Thesis]

Demiryürek, Rıdvan (2014) Surface modification of stimuli responsive polymers by wrinkling method: surface morphology and bacterial adsorption studies. [Thesis]

Deniz Polat, Özgür (2014) Decomposition of primes in non-Galois extensions. [Thesis]

Deniz, Ataman (2014) The investigation of interfaces of multiaxis fiber reinforced composites by fiber bragg grating sensors. [Thesis]

Deniz, Emre (2014) The role of PATZ1 transcription factor in the DNA damage response. [Thesis]

Doğar, Mert (2014) A real-time digital holographic microscope with an optical tweezer. [Thesis]

Erdoğan, Ahmetcan (2014) Optimal exoskeleton design and effective human-in-the-loop control frameworks for rehabilitation robotics. [Thesis]

Erdoğan, Alper (2014) Essays in empirical asset pricing: Turkish markets. [Thesis]

Eritmen, Kayhan (2014) Power optimization, network coding and decision fusion in multiaccess relay networks. [Thesis]

Golubovic, Edin (2014) Devolopment of a control framework for hybrid renewable energy system in microgrid. [Thesis]

Görgün, Erdem (2014) A study of brush seal porous media resistance coefficients. [Thesis]

Güler, Rıza Alp (2014) Coding shape inside the shape. [Thesis]

Güven, Zekiye Pelin (2014) Synthesis and characterization of chiral mixed ligand nanoclusters and nacre-structure. [Thesis]

Güvenek, Ayşegül (2014) A systematic study for evolution of bacterial resistance: phenotype to genotype. [Thesis]

Haimes, Andrew David (2014) American-Turkish relations in the 1990s: continuities and changes in the post-cold war era. [Thesis]

Hashlamon, Iyad F.I. (2014) Joint friction estimation and slip prediction of biped walking robots. [Thesis]

Haskin, Michelle Wren (2014) The limits of Turkish soft power and mediation capability: a comparative case study of Turkish involvement in Syria and Somalia. [Thesis]

Işık, Gürkan (2014) Sequential testing of series parallel systems. [Thesis]

İlhan, Aytekin Hazar (2014) Design and implementation of a digital holographic microscope with fast autofocusing. [Thesis]

Kahraman, Kadriye (2014) Effects of varied magnesium and potassium nutrition on wheat grown under ambient and elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide conditions. [Thesis]

Kahvecioğlu, Gökçe (2014) Stochastic last mile relief network design with resource reallocation. [Thesis]

Karaboğa, Enes (2014) S-Pyocins as potential antimicrobial agents for eradicating pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms. [Thesis]

Karataş, Gulfidan (2014) Explaining retailer's ordering behavior in supply chain experiments. [Thesis]

Karıksız, Can Deha (2014) On m-rectangle characteristics and isomorphisms of mixed (F)-, (DF)-spaces. [Thesis]

Kaya, Neşe (2014) Hopa hemsinlis: history, language and identity. [Thesis]

Kazanci, Hamza (2014) Analysis of wind turbine hub component. [Thesis]

Keskin, Merve (2014) An adaptive large neighborhood search approach for solving the electric vehicle routing problem with time windows. [Thesis]

Khodabakhsh, Mohammadreza (2014) Effect of ionic radius of a-site dopants on the phase transition temperature and crystal structure of bismuth ferrite/ Mohammadreza Khodabakhsh; thesis advisor İbrahim Burç Mısırlıoğlu. [Thesis]

Koç, Uğur (2014) Using simulated annealing for computing test case-aware covering arrays. [Thesis]

Koçak, Korhan (2014) The effect of social media on press freedom and government accountability. [Thesis]

Kulan, Handan (2014) Analysis layered structure of proteins and their amino acid interactions by constructing residue networks. [Thesis]

Kuruk, Gamze (2014) A survey on cauchy problems for peridynamic equations. [Thesis]

Kutluata, Zeynep (2014) Ottoman women and the state during World War I. [Thesis]

Küçüksayacıgil, Fikri (2014) Use of genetic algorithms in multi-objective multi-project resource constrained project scheduling. [Thesis]

Küçükural, Önder (2014) An empirical study of religious reasoning and its implications for democracy. [Thesis]

Mengütay, Melis (2014) Adequate magnesium nutrition mitigates adverse effects of heat and high light stress on maize and wheat. [Thesis]

Mercan, Saide Simin (2014) Skill differentials between visa categories in the United States. [Thesis]

Naderi Varandi, Siamak (2014) Fuzzy clustering with balance constraint. [Thesis]

Nemati, Mohammad Hossein (2014) Phased array antenna element for automotive radar application. [Thesis]

Okyay Öner, Firuze (2014) Preparation and characterization of modified polyether ether ketone (PEEK-WC) membranes for polymer assisted ultrafiltration of Cu2+ IONS from water. [Thesis]

Ongun, Nihan (2014) Synthesis of waterborne, branched, functional poly(urethane)s and theire applications. [Thesis]

Öğüt, Erdem (2014) Multilayer configurations with plasmonic transducers near magnetic layers. [Thesis]

Örencik, Cengiz (2014) Privacy-preserving ranked search over encrypted cloud data. [Thesis]

Özdenören, Hakkı (2014) Optimal unemployment insurance in Turkey in the presence of moral hazard and liquidity constraints. [Thesis]

Özel, Berk (2014) The effects of redundancy and information manipulation on traffic networks. [Thesis]

Özkaya, Buket (2014) Multidimensional quasi-cyclic and convolutional codes. [Thesis]

Öztürk, Efe (2014) SiGe BiCMOS active phase shifter design for W-band automotive radar applications. [Thesis]

Sarıkaya, Yunus (2014) Dynamic control of wireless networks with confidential communications. [Thesis]

Selçuk, Elif (2014) Political discourses on Alevis and Alevism during AKP era. [Thesis]

Sevinç, Mete (2014) Innovativeness: an analysis based on innovation taxonomy and data envelopment analysis. [Thesis]

Shalima, Shawuti (2014) Ionic conduction mechanisms in nano-composite electrolyte and their relationship to micro-structural features. [Thesis]

Soğanlı, Abdurrahim (2014) Dictionary learning and low-rank sparse matrix decomposition for sparsity driven SAR image reconstruction. [Thesis]

Soysal, Duygu (2014) The role of SIRT1 on the crosstalk of p65 and NFATS in U937 monocytes under hyperosmotic stress. [Thesis]

Şafak, Enes (2014) Dynamics of civil war under the threat of third-party intervention. [Thesis]

Şahin, Sibel (2014) Monge-Ampere measures and Poletsky-Stessin Hardy spaces on bounded hyperconvex domains. [Thesis]

Şaşmaz Muş, Sinem (2014) High-energy emission and temporal properties of magnetars. [Thesis]

Şen, Sertaç Kaya (2014) The life on the margins: the experiences of childhood within the military. [Thesis]

Şeref, Ezgi (2014) Emergent distinctions in the juridical field: the case of ''plaza attorneys'' in Turkey. [Thesis]

Tec, Juan Javier (2014) The role of audience costs in Turkish hard and soft power foreign policy. [Thesis]

Tokat, Saniye Burcu (2014) The poetics and politics of the uncanny in Sevim Burak's works. [Thesis]

Tünaydın, Pelin (2014) Rescuing the bears, silencing the bear leaders: bear dancing in historical. [Thesis]

Türker, Uraz Cengiz (2014) Improvements in finite state machines. [Thesis]

Türkmen, Doruk (2014) Intervention on digital printers: a graphic design method. [Thesis]

Ulusan, Aybike (2014) Column generation algorithms for airline network revenue management problems. [Thesis]

Ünal, Dilay (2014) CFD investigation of the effect of spinneret geometry on the flow behavior of multiphase polymeric fluids. [Thesis]

Ünal, Ecem (2014) Parallel, scalable and bandwidth-optimized computational private information retrieval. [Thesis]

Üstündağ, Barış Can (2014) Human action recognition using 3D joint information and pyramidal HOOFD features. [Thesis]

Üzüşen, Doğan (2014) Visualization and image based characterization of hydrodynamic cavity bubbles for kidney stone treatment. [Thesis]

Velioğlu, Güner (2014) A multifaceted relationship between congestion and accidents on highways: evidence from D-100 highway in Istanbul. [Thesis]

Vibe, Maria Christina (2014) The peace process with the PKK and the Turkish state: mechanisms for participation. [Thesis]

Yalçın, Gülperi (2014) Genome editing of the IL-7 receptor gene locus using talens. [Thesis]

Yalıman, Serkan (2014) High performance image demosaicing hardware designs. [Thesis]

Yelbay, Belma (2014) Minimum hub cover problem: solution methods and applications. [Thesis]

Yıldırım, Alper (2014) Fast and accurate mosaicing techniques for aerial images of quasi-planar scenes. [Thesis]

Yıldırım, Mahir Umman (2014) New approaches for determining greenest paths and efficient vehicle routes on transportation networks. [Thesis]

Yılmaz, Hazal (2014) Modifications on protein termini of bacillus thermocatenulatus lipase and their impacts on activity and stability. [Thesis]

Yürek, Nilay (2014) Encounters and perceptions: a descriptive study on the local and Kurdish residents of Lüleburgaz. [Thesis]


Abukan, Abdulkadir (2013) Ethno-religious wealth distribution in the Ottoman Empire in the 18th century: example of Kayseri and Manisa. [Thesis]

Adak, Ömer Kemal (2013) Quadruped locomotion reference synthesis wıth central pattern generators tuned by evolutionary algorithms. [Thesis]

Akar, Mine (2013) Class conflict and civil war duration the FARC insurgency. [Thesis]

Aker, Erdi (2013) Housekeeping with multiple autonomous robots: representation, reasoning, and execution. [Thesis]

Akhmedov, Murodzhon (2013) Automating the usage of unambiguous noes in nuclear vector replacement for NMR protein structure-based assignments. [Thesis]

Akhmetov, Azat (2013) Prediction of drug-drug interactions from chemogenomic and gene-gene interactions and analysis of drug-drug interactions. [Thesis]

Alpaslan, Ece (2013) Deducing the role of functionalizing macromolecules in the nucleation of colloidal nanoparticles. [Thesis]

Altakroury, Hamza Fawzi Majed (2013) Error detection and new stimulus mechanisms in brain-computer interface. [Thesis]

Arabacı, Özge (2013) Experiments on supply chain contracting: effects of contract type and fairness concerns. [Thesis]

Arıkan Akdağ, Gül (2013) Incumbent mobilization of swing voters: voter-party linkages and consolidation of ethnic votes in Istanbul. [Thesis]

Ateş, Merve (2013) Democratic institutionalization at the local level: the case of Sakarya municipal councils. [Thesis]

Aydın, Kinyas (2013) Self-crosslinkable superabsorbent hydrogels based on vinlalkoxysilanes as crosslinker. [Thesis]

Aykut, Ayşe Özlem (2013) Redistribution of states and inducing new channels for conformational change: computational studies on calmodulin. [Thesis]

Bahçeci, Beste (2013) Robotic contour tracking with adaptive feedforward control by fuzzy online tuning. [Thesis]

Baysan, Alper (2013) The domestic politics EU external policy making in justice and home affairs: the case of the EU-Turkey readmission-visa agreement. [Thesis]

Beydilli, Şirin (2013) The EU impact on applications of Turkish regional policy. [Thesis]

Bolel, Canan (2013) Analysis of Kurdish nationalist discourse in Mehmed Uzun's literature through the ethno-symbolist approach. [Thesis]

Bulat, İrem (2013) The European Union's democracy promotion in Mediterranean region. [Thesis]

Can, Özge (2013) Predictors of hybrid organizational identity: evidence from the Turkish theatre field, 1923-1999. [Thesis]

Cingiz, Kutay (2013) Cooperative bargaining and coalition formation. [Thesis]

Coşar, Serhan (2013) Sparse representation frameworks for inference problems in visual sensor networks. [Thesis]

Çakır, Azize Fatma (2013) Households in Ottoman politics: the rivalry between Husrev Mehmed Pasha and Mehmed Ali Pasha of Egypt. [Thesis]

Çalışkan, Şirin (2013) On the evolution of young neutron stars with fallback disks. [Thesis]

Çam, Ece (2013) Energy security for the European Union and Turkey: harmony or discord: a critical game of mutual benefits. [Thesis]

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Çetin, Çağlar (2013) Why have there been no men artists?: analyzing awareness of masculinities through the artworks of ''men'' artists post 1990 in Turkey. [Thesis]

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Mutluer, Aybike (2013) Leader survivability in non-democracies: the role of blame shifting. [Thesis]

Nuriakhmetov, Azat (2013) To frame or not to frame?: that is the question explaining the impact of media on social intolerance in Russian federation. [Thesis]

Olgun, Utku (2013) Experimental investigation of rotary turning processes for metal alloys. [Thesis]

Orhan, Oğuzhan (2013) An indoor positioning system based on global positioning system. [Thesis]

Osterlund, Paul Benjamin (2013) Musealization as a strategic component of urban transformation in 21st century Istanbul. [Thesis]

Örüm, Aslıhan (2013) Parameters effecting the rheology of particle filled polymeric suspensions. [Thesis]

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Yılmaz, Selma (2013) Hydrostatic yaw bearing design for 500 kW horizontal axis wind turbine. [Thesis]

Yoldaşlar, Özgün Deniz (2013) The realization of Mehmed IV's Ghazi title at the campaing of Kamaniçe. [Thesis]

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Birişmen, Emre Alp (2012) Madness in its place: a visual representation of insanity. [Thesis]

Boz, Talha (2012) Structural health monitoring of composite materials with FBG sensors: damage detection and remaining useful life prediction. [Thesis]

Büyükbaş, Sinan (2012) Aviem: library of emotions. [Thesis]

Can, Duygugül (2012) Alternative suppliers and supply routes for the European Union natural gas market: can Turkey be a transiting state? [Thesis]

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Cebir, Bilgen (2012) Exchange rate policy and external debt in emerging economies: an empirical analysis. [Thesis]

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Duman, Erkan (2012) Impacts of remittances on child human capital investment, educational expenditure, and living conditions of households: evidence from Turkey. [Thesis]

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Ensari, Dilşah Pınar (2012) At the crossroads of education and politics: Kurdish women students in Istanbul. [Thesis]

Erdem, Erdinç (2012) Habermas and viroli on constitution and patria: a defense of constitutional patriotism. [Thesis]

Eren, Gönen (2012) 3D Scanning of transparent objects. [Thesis]

Erk, Didem (2012) Ifeeliameatingmemories. [Thesis]

Ersoy, Fulya Yüksel (2012) Mode choice and shopping mall parking. [Thesis]

Evren, Sanem (2012) Modeling control and simulation of a prototype wind turbine using S4WT. [Thesis]

Fidan, Kaan Can (2012) Visually-guided walking reference modification for humanoid robots. [Thesis]

Gökçe, Osman Zeki (2012) Restless dyads: revisiting onset and escalation in militarized interstate disputes. [Thesis]

Görgülü, Batuhan (2012) Why do states support certain rebel groups in civil war? a dyadic analysis of Middle Eastern power relations. [Thesis]

Güner, Emel (2012) Perceptios of transformation, revolution, ideology and gender among members of the Turkish socialist movement in the 1907s. [Thesis]

Haferlach, Lisa Marie (2012) Circulating art: the politics of transnational exhibition exchanges in the museums of contemporary Istanbul. [Thesis]

Heves, Emre (2012) PbS colloidal quantum dots based photodetectors for integrated SWIR detection. [Thesis]

İzci, Türker (2012) Heat and fluid flow in microscale from micro and nano structured surfaces. [Thesis]

Javid Khayati, Leyli (2012) Privacy-preserving targeted advertising scheme for IPTV using the cloud. [Thesis]

Karabulut, Nermin Pinar (2012) A drug-gene network for understanding drug mechanism of action. [Thesis]

Karadağ, Sibel (2012) EU common policy on illegal immigration and asylum: adding to the copenhagen school. [Thesis]

Karahan, Bahar Burcu (2012) Ionic polymer metal composites (IPMCs) based on radiation grafted polystyrenesulfonıc acid onto poly (ethylene- alttetrafluoroethylene) (ETFE-g-PSSA). [Thesis]

Karaoysal, Korhan (2012) A reaction to the constructed identities of consumerism and mass production: car customization as a medium for self expression. [Thesis]

Kaya, Alihan (2012) Ultra high neat flux cooling provided by flow boiling in microscale with enhancements using nanostructured surfaces. [Thesis]

Khassaf, Hamidreza (2012) Synthesis and electrical characterization of bismuth ferrite thin films. [Thesis]

Kiraz, Osman (2012) Maintaining trajectory privacy in mobile wireless sensor networks. [Thesis]

Koca, Recep (2012) Mechanics, dynamics and optimization of special end mills. [Thesis]

Kunt, Emrah Deniz (2012) Microfactory concept with bilevel modularity. [Thesis]

Mutluergil, Süha Orhun (2012) Applications of heuristic search on phylogeny reconstruction problems. [Thesis]

Naskali, Ahmet Teoman (2012) Software framework for high precision motion control applications. [Thesis]

Norcross, Lindsey Nicole (2012) In good company: the incomparable legend of robert college. [Thesis]

Nuzumlalı Schooley, Oya (2012) Mixed feelings over an unprecedented election: contestations of ethnicity within the Süryani-Keldani community. [Thesis]

Okbay, Aysu (2012) One-memory in multiperson bargaining. [Thesis]

Önhon, Özben Naime (2012) Joint sparsity-driven inversion and model error correction for SAR imaging. [Thesis]

Özcan, Tevfik Zafer (2012) Low power motion estimation based frame up-conversion hardware designs. [Thesis]

Özçelik, Burcu (2012) Lightweight runtime failure prediction. [Thesis]

Özdemir, Elif (2012) Political determinants of sub-national social spending: a statistical analysis of metropolitan municipality budgets in Turkey. [Thesis]

Özdemir, Funda (2012) Construction of irreducible polynomials over finite fields via polynomial. [Thesis]

Öziş, Murat (2012) Vassals, servants and traitors: image of serbs in popular Turkish historiography. [Thesis]

Öztürk, Güneş Özlem (2012) The case of the Mine Ban treaty: understanding the domestic factors that affect the diffusion od disarmament norms. [Thesis]

Parlar, Leyla (2012) Linearized polynomials over finite fields. [Thesis]

Pehlivan, Selim Ahmet (2012) Desing analysis and development of a nacelle main load frame for a 500 kW wind turbin. [Thesis]

Perk, Osman Yavuz (2012) Microscale hydrodynamic cavitation and its biomedical applications. [Thesis]

Roçi, Irena (2012) Toward anti-cancer drugs: selection of anti-VEGF and anti-HER2 aptamer to inhibit cancer biomarkers. [Thesis]

Sakarya, Nihan (2012) The motives of young people in Turkey in venue selection for political participation. [Thesis]

Sarıyüce, Mehmet (2012) On bent and hyper-bent functions. [Thesis]

Serin, Ekrem (2012) Information theory assisted data visualization and exploration. [Thesis]

Seven, Utku (2012) Bipedal humanoid robot control by fuzzy adjustment of the reference walking plane. [Thesis]

Sonat, Duygu (2012) Bringing civil society back in: the allocation of social benefits in Argentina. [Thesis]

Suyabatmaz, Ali Çetin (2012) Railway crew capacity planning problem with connectmty considerations in pairings. [Thesis]

Sürek, Ebru (2012) Muse of the museum: an allegoric story of a non existent photography museum in Turkey. [Thesis]

Şahin, Gonca (2012) Locating the Dergah in civil society: the Alevi youth's counter public and civility. [Thesis]

Şimşek, Eren (2012) Dual scale roughness driven perfectly hydrophobic surfaces prepared by electrospraying a polymer in good solvent-poor solvent systems. [Thesis]

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