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Technology Affects Communication Essays

IELTS Essay:

Topic: Impact of technology on communication. (Advantages & Disadvantages).

Sample Answer:
It is a true fact to consider that in the present day the world has become a global village. As a result technology has main impact to the contemporary world. Considering this, some analysts consider the positive impacts of technology on our communication while others shows the negative aspects of it. However, there are some pros and cons behind implementation of said proposal.

There are some significant advantages of the influences of technology on communication and time saving could be a significant fact to be considered. It is generally seen that few decades ago people used to send letters to exchange a few words and ideas with others and waited a long time to get reply from them. However, as the development of technology people use modern equipment for communication to each other. For example, telephone, mobile phones, internet and e-mails etc.  Moreover, building relationship easily and across the boundary with each other may be another merit of the technological advancement. Therefore, people are not getting alone anymore because closed families and friends get chance to find out their loved ones.

Despite, the advantages pointed out above regarding immense benefit of communication, there are some disadvantages that cannot be neglected without any careful consideration. Unstable cyber relationships could be a detrimental fact. It may be defined as that nowadays social media has brought people together and made new relationships possible. As result some relationships led to many crimes For instance, internet frauds, lying deceiving have become very common nowadays.

In the end, undoubtedly, whether communication is good or bad to the society is a matter of discussion; however, as far as I am concern communication has enormous benefits to the contemporary world and it outweighs certain drawbacks. The way we live our life could not have been possible without the blessing of the modern technology and communications.

[ Written by – Thilini Shani ]

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Technology has altered man’s lifestyle and is continuing to make changes too. In fact there is no aspect in a person’s life that technology has not touched. However there is one area where technology made a significantly profound effect and that is in communication.

Naturally, while technology made a huge positive impact on communication it cannot be denied that there is also a negative side to the story. First, let’s take a look at technology’s negative effects on communication:

1. Quality suffers

The magic word these days is multitasking. The internet truly enables people at home or at work to talk with someone over the phone or through any communications systems available while doing something else at the same time. Let’s take an example from a more relaxed atmosphere, you are at home talking with someone while checking email or while surfing the net or even while talking to someone else. All this multitasking is good because you are able to accomplish a number of things in a short span of time. The negative side here is that the quality of communication suffers. When you multitask your focus is actually in fragments. This may make you miss the essence of communication – making a meaningful connection.

2. Virtual rather than personal

The different types of electronic gadgets available paired with the internet allows people to call, text, or speak with anyone anytime. The trend is “communication-on-the-go”. The availability of communication devices has also resulted to a shift in interpersonal relationships. Communication these days have become virtual rather than personal. You may be video calling with someone over your smart phone but little did you realize that you may have established a far deeper relationship with your phone rather than with the person on the other end of the line.

The effects of technology on communication are not all negative though. Here are its positive effects:

1. Fast and easy

Speed is one of the best aspects of technology. We hear of what is happening around as it happens. This speed and easy access is very helpful in emergency situations. Businesses and customers also benefit from this speed.

2. Easy access

With all the electronic gadgets available these days a person will be distraught looking for a pretext not to communicate. Not having a phone or an internet connection is in fact a lame excuse. Accessibility is especially helpful for work related activities. With easy access technology enables us to accomplish lots of things at work while we are at home in our pajamas.

3. More productive

Speed and accessibility can only lead to productivity. When you get things done in a snap it means you get a lot of things done too. This is another positive impact of technology on communication. Did you know that being productive has an effect on a person’s psyche? Being productive is important because a person will feel a sense of worth. Being proud of himself for accomplishing something is a boost to a person’s confidence. This just shows how technology impacts a person’s mental and emotional state too.

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