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Longman Academic Writing Series 3 Paragraphs To Essays Online

The Longman Academic Writing Series helps students master the academic writing skills needed to succeed in their academic careers. The five-level series spans writing topics from composing sentences to writing research papers. Each level covers the complete writing process from prewriting to revision.

I think the Longman Academic Writing Series is great at helping students find out more about important topics whilst improving their writing skills in a motivating context. The series provides clear and explicit guidance on how to compose paragraphs and essays and has just the right amount of exercises and activities per topic – and it’s perfect for teaching process writing. The processes introduced in each book include brainstorming and outlining a text and these promote the development of strong planning abilities and critical thinking.      -- Continue Reading

Hiroyuki Nemoto, Professor, International Studies & English Communication, College of Letters, Ritsumeikan University

Longman Academic Writing Series 3 starts with paragraph-level tutorials and steps up to essay writing by the end of the course through writing paragraphs of different styles. The first chapter provides academic writing guidance on such thing as how to come up with ideas such using brainstorming. It may sound quite elementary, but this gives students a quality warm-up (or “hop”) before they start writing anything. This is important as they often say they have not been explicitly taught the basics of academic writing.      -- Continue Reading

Michiko Ueki, Faculty of Foreign Language Studies, Kansai University

Essential Online Resources(EOR) for Longman Academic Writing Series include the following:

EOR for students

Correlated Activities:
• Grammar for Writing
• Sentence structure

EOR for teachers

Correlated Activities:
• Grammar for Writing
• Sentence structure

Teacher’s Manual: (incl. Answer Key, Assessments)

EOR access code available for 24 months from the date of registration.

Please note: The EOR access codes in the book are for students. Pearson hands over teacher access codes upon adoption of the textbook. Contact us at for more information.

For general information about EOR, please click here.

The Longman Academic Writing Series helps develop student writing from basic composition of sentences and paragraphs to academic essays and research papers. At each level, students are offered guidance in the complete writing process from prewriting to revision, and are provided with clear explanations, extensive practice, and consistent coverage of sentence mechanics and grammar.

  • Step-by-step approach helps students produce a well-organized, clearly developed portfolio that is the foundation of academic coursework.

  • Realistic writing models guide writers while clear explanations, supported by examples, help students through typical rough spots.

  • Extensive practice helps students assimilate writing skills to learn to write with accuracy and confidence.

  • Timed writing activities provide a plan for writing paragraphs on tests.

  • Interactive tasks, such as pair and group work, allow students to receive peer feedback on their individual writing.

  • Level 5 offers more advanced guidance in the writing of essays and research papers.

  • New Essential Online Resources include grammar for writing and sentence structure activities, teacher support material, teacher's manual, and assessments.