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Stages Of Critical Thinking Worksheet Hum/115 Week 3 Points Of View

POINT OF VIEW, NATIONAL DEBT 2 Point of View National Debt The Nation is full of debt at this current moment. At this time, nobody knows who is to blame for the debt this nation has. I blame the presidents because they are the ones who manage the nation’s money. There needs to be somebody that can supervise the president and the spending habits that the president spends. In my opinion who else is to blame for the debt? The decision of the budget cuts is in the president’s hands, not the citizens. I just do not see where blame can be placed elsewhere. I have tried thinking outside the box on the issue and have not figured a person to blame minus the president. For example, when President Clinton was in office from 1993-2001 there was a decline of debt for this good nation. Then when president Bush came into office, the debt became larger. The debt from Bush grew from approximately 58% to 90% while Bush was president. So I have to say that this nation’s debt is in the

Points of ViewHUM/115 Version 53Climate change has become one of the most important issues scientists try to research. Itreflects patterns of global weather, trends in air, humidity, temperature and precipitation.(Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, 2015). It is commonly said that global warming is themost fluent factor which affects temperature increase is human activity and caused byaccumulation of carbon dioxide which destroy layers of atmosphere. Thus, Sun heats the Earthsurface more actively; mainly, it occurs on the oceans. Some scientists claim that it may lead toglaciers melting and, as a consequence, to the increase of the World Ocean level, as well as toflooding of coastal territories. My opinion regarding ways of preventing global warming agreeswith scientists’ claim. Humanity has to reduce the level of carbon dioxide emissions, bytransition to electrical transport, using more environmental-friendly materials, changing fuelexploited at industrial enterprises.Comparison of articles1.Climate Change Mitigation Is More Important than Adaptation. Joe Romm is a credible author. According to the Google Scholar, he has 75 citations, anda number of articles written. Moreover, “Romm holds a Ph.D. in physics from M.I.T. andresearched his thesis on physical oceanography at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.”(Center for American Progress). He shows his character within the article, showing emotions insome of the claims and strong critics to other authors, which is, perhaps, not very ethical.