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Business and Management Personal Statement 35

I have always been a very determined, proactive, hardworking and ambitious person. I am very interested in business and inspired by entrepreneurs who have made a success of their businesses e.g. Peter Jones. I have enjoyed my college course and this is why I want to study business at University.

My BTEC National Diploma in Business course at college has been very interesting and helpful. I have learnt a lot about how businesses run and specifically the different areas of business including marketing research, relationship marketing, human resources and administration. Also, I have learned many new skills for example being able to research and learn independently and being able to work towards deadlines with my assignments. I have consistently achieved distinctions in my assignments and am on track to getting a distinction for my final grade.

I feel I want to go to university because it will help me expand my skills and gain a lot of knowledge that will help me in life when looking for a career. I also feel that studying at university will allow me to demonstrate my strong hard-working ethic and take on new experiences.

Since September 2007, I have been working part time for Tesco. This has provided me with an opportunity to work as part of a team co-operating with others but at the same time also working independently. I have been able to learn new skills, for example being able to deal with the public and use my own initiative. Also I think working at a big company has given me an insight into how a large business operates. I am always very organised and prepared and have good time keeping record. These qualities have been reflected in the fact that I have had good reports from my managers and have met my targets. I have always been conscientious, not only at Tesco but in similar jobs at Homebase and Asda.

I was a prefect and a peer mentor at school, which reflects the fact that I am reliable and have good interpersonal skills. My interests include playing and watching sports especially football. Also I like to see my friends and regularly go to the cinema. I am currently learning to drive.

I am a reliable, motivated and organised student, who enjoys experiencing new challenges and always gives their all. I am looking forward to the experience and challenges of university life.

Article by TSR User on Thursday 15 February 2018

Management Personal Statement 4

Having seen my father start a business when I was young, I have grown up in an environment where entrepreneurialism is an integral part of everyday life. Being involved with his company from a very young age, including extensive work experience there, I feel that I have gained a real insight into both the hardships and rewards that come from managing a business. My father never had formal business training, and in hindsight this might have helped him avoid some pitfalls. I am keen to go into the world of business too, aiming to start my own company one day, and so I decided a degree in Management would be right for me. As well as providing a great foundation for a career in business, I particularly relish the diversity of the subject, from fundamentals like accounting and finance to specialist areas like economics and psychology. Psychology plays a major role in modern society and is something I have recently become particularly interested in; I have learnt a lot through a friend's Pre-U Psychology textbooks as well as by reading books such as "Blink".

Running my own venture buying and selling items on eBay has helped me develop my communication skills dealing with both customers and suppliers. However I found it increasingly frustrating trying to find appropriate items to buy due to the available search options lacking the precision that I needed. Noting that there was nothing better on the market, I developed a new search engine for use with eBay with my own ranking algorithm. The aim was to make the undervalued items more prominent whilst relegating irrelevant items. My search engine has won awards from several mainstream websites and is now used by many people on a daily basis. Running the website has given me a great appreciation of online promotion and marketing. This task required me to learn several new programming languages and to analyse a market which I knew little about.

Knowing that I wanted to pursue a course in Management, I chose my A-level subjects to provide a broad base of skills, from analysing and presenting data in Physics to essay writing in Economics. Studying Economics at A-Level and reading books such as "The Undercover Economist" and "Freakonomics" have given me an appreciation of what an important role the subject plays in the modern world; from a farmer's income depending on the demand for their crops to governments maximising their revenue in wireless spectrum auctions. I hope to expand my knowledge further through the many economics modules that make up a Management degree course. I have found studying Statistics as a part of Maths A-level very interesting. It is becoming increasingly important to be able to be able to find patterns and logic in seemingly random data in this age of information, and I have enjoyed being able to do this having learnt about different statistical techniques. Although my school do not officially offer it, I have also been teaching myself Decision Maths aiming to take the exams this year. I felt this both complements the statistics that I have learnt, and also gives me an advantage when studying as it assists logical thinking. This experience of independence has forced me to develop effective time management and self motivation techniques, something which helps me both in other subjects and in my life outside of school, as well as making the transition to university work a lot easier.

As a keen cyclist, I spent most of the summer planning, training for and taking part in a 1000 mile cycle ride from Land's End to John O'Groats, raising over GBP 4000 for a local children's hospice. Completing this challenge helped me prove to myself that I could be determined enough to carry on working towards a goal through even the toughest of conditions.

I believe that a Management course would give me all the necessary tools which are vital for a head start in business, whilst still being equally applicable to the challenges of daily life.

Universities Applied to:

  • LSE (N203 BSc Management) - Offer (AAB) Firm
  • Manchester (N2T7 International Business Management with American Business Studies) - Offer (AAB) Insurance
  • KCL (N200 BSc Management) - Rejection
  • York (N200 BSc Management) - Offer (AAB)
  • Warwick (N200 BSc Management - Offer (AAAb)

Grades Achieved:

  • Maths (A2) - A
  • Economics (A2) - A
  • Physics (A2) - A
  • Further Maths (AS) - A

Article by TSR User on Thursday 15 February 2018