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Attack 3 Logitech Fsx Assignments


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You have to use the Logitech FF joystick to know what the OP means. The
rudder is hardly a problem compared to the elevator and aileron axis. A
mere touch of the joystick handle causes an extreme change of aircraft
attitude, which along with being just plain annoying, makes the experience
horrifying. While taxiing and steering around the airport, you can see the
movement of the wing surface as you twist the joystick handle because the
damn thing won't stay centred. During the time I've been using this stick,
I have learned to handle it with thumb and forefinger, and just barely move
it. By doing this, most of the time I get a reasonable reaction.

A significant problem with the force feedback stick is the amount of play
which has developed which causes the stick to be quite loose in its
movement, and I have no idea how to fix it. I believe FS9 caused this
problem because of the silly wagging it causes the stick to do while
taxiing. Therefore, if I keep the stick on my lap while flying, the stick
tends to lean foreward and guess plane begins to descend. Tip:
Take the power wire out of the joystick while taxiing.

In view of this, I would heartily suggest if anyone is considering a new
joystick, forget the force feedback (it's not al that good in FS9 anyway),
and get one which is smooth, firm, stays centred, and will not loosen up
over time...and if it does, you have the facility to tighten it (Wish they
would invent a Viagra for joysticks).

By the way, if anyone DOES know how to tighten a Logitech Force Feedback
joystick so it stays well-centred without using major surgery, please let me


"Barry Ward" <> wrote in message
> If you do a little experiment, you can see that the "sensitivity" slider
> for the various flight axis is a bit of a misnomer. Regardless of the
> setting ( full or low) , a full scale deflection of say the rudder
> joystick
> control will always result in a full scale deflection of the a/c rudder .
> What does change however is the speed in which the rudder responds to the
> movement of the control. Start up the Sim and view the C172 for example
> from
> the rear, close up. Watch the movement of the rudder in relation to the
> movement of the controller. You will see that Maximum sensitivity results
> in
> the rudder moving instantaneously with the control input. A mimimum
> sensitivity setting will however result in a slight time lag and slow
> movement of the physical rudder in comparison to the rudder control input.
> Barry
> "Jerry" <> wrote in message
>> Hi all, I am new to F.S 2004. I have windows XP and a Logitech force
>> joystick. I have the sensitivity all the way down on the stick and it
>> seems to still be very sensitive. Is this common to sticks and I just
>> need to get more experience? When landing a 172 it seems to really go
>> all over even with small inputs. I appreciate this group and I am sure
>> I will have more questions in the future. Thanks, Jerry

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